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We have a great team of talented people who like to have fun and deliver fantastic results for our customers.



Together we dig deep to truly understand your vision,strengths, weaknesses and challenges. Additionally, we work tirelessly to identify opportunities and marketing solutions that will accomplish your goals. We combine our talent and expertise with your background and experience to create marketing strategies that generate real results for your business.

People in The YYellow Tux


Business Administration



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    Rushikesh Pawar


    The Wing Man

    Rushikesh helps our clients achieve their brand vision in the digital space through strategic advice and streamlined project management.

    Sukanya Apandkar


    The lady Hitler with a paint brush

    Great designs and brilliant interactions are both key to keeping Sukanya enthusiastic about the web. When not pushing pixels or dropping code, it's been reported Sukanya has aspirations for her smooth black straight hair.

    Ali Rizvi



    Ali digs exploring the ever changing landscape of Search engine . He has a (slight) obsession with superhero movies and webseries.

    Suyesha Ambekar


    She speak from her heart

    Lover of a good meme, Suyesha fancies both design and PR. She is an avid Swimmer, runner and exercise junkie. Crocheting with a cup of tea in front of the telly?

    Damini Dixit

    The Keyword optimist

    Curly hair, very fair

    Forever playing with technology. Damini loves to get her hands dirty with all kinds of development and systems administration.

    Apeksha Dilip Jadhav

    Social Media Executive

    Apeksha digs exploring the ever changing landscape of Search engine . He has a (slight) obsession with watching reality shows and reading page 3 news.

    Anu Sawant

    Herd Gatherer

    The God Mother

    Anu is a compulsive gatherer. She susceptible to long hiccups and when she's not fishing employee’s out of a tree she can be found distributing eatables and making people fat.

    Karen Barboza

    Social Media Executive

    The happy go lucky

    Karen writes and writes. She also makes stuff out of yarn, paper, fabric, clay, electronics, old boxes and whatever else she can get her hands on. You’ll usually find her enjoying her life at the fullest.

    Raveena Sandasing

    Social Media Executive

    The Diva

    She knows how to make people follow. Present on all social media platforms the tattoo diva is quiet a famous personality when it comes to content and strategies. The gossip queen knows the pulse of everyone around

    Pradyuman Singh

    Social Media Executive

    You're weird,I like you.

    A sincere apology to all my victims of my social awkwardness

    Suyash Gove

    Content Writer

    Our Story


    It all started with a 'keeda' to be our own boss, making profession out of our passion & 15 years of acquired corporate wisdom. It started with 2 people working out of home, malls & Cafe's with like minded & equally crazy designers churning out some out of the box & outstanding designs which earned us some prestigious projects & thus the exciting journey began.


    As the corporate world was getting bitten by the digital bug, the 'Baap of all keedas' Rushi enters The Yellow Tux team. With his innovative approach and path breaking ideas the Social Media wing of The Yellow Tux started gaining strong foothold in the digital world.


    The infectious work culture attracted the best talent from the industry and the team soon were masters of SEO, Adwords and ORM too


    Our actions spoke louder than words! Our work soon was noticed not only in India but also overseas and won us some prestigious international projects helping us spread our wings.


    Today we proudly boast of having 15 member core team under its wings leading their own teams to greater heights.


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